A Triumphant Return!

ToeJam & Earl:

Toejam & Earl: Panic on Funkatron

Toejam & Earl 3

ToeJam and Earl are Back! For those who do not know about them, they had three awesome, but underrated games. 2 On the original Sega and one on xbox. Unfortunately from the looks of it, we will not be seeing the original xbox title, but maybe that is already or will be out there for download sometime soon. I personally would not consider a collection complete without all three.

These Games were always so much fun to play with a friend. The first and third consisted of randomly generated floors where you would explore, trying to find ship pieces to construct your ship that had recently been destroyed in orbit. There were insane enemies flocking these stages that would use strange, often seemly harmless tactics to try kill you and throw you off the edge of the level (which would then return you to the previous floor)

The second game was a side scrolling game which picked up where the first left off. You have returned home to planet funk-a-tron after assembling your ship, but unfortunately for you, humans had stowed away on board and now plague your home planet. So in this game, rather than assembling your ship, you are out trying to capture the humans in jars to return home. You can easily see how this could actually make for the start of a really awesome side-scrolling pokemon game if you give it a try. The graphics received a huge boost from the first game to this one, but I do not seem to know many people who are fans of both games (of the few I hear that have even heard of any of the games to begin with) I personally loved these games, and I love local co-op games which have for the most part been sucked away over the years.

The games really are amazing and so much fun. Please do yourself a favor and at least give these games a try if you have not already been lucky enough in the past.


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