A Triumphant Return!

Jet Set Radio Has Returned! I am very excited. This game was one of my favorites back on the Dreamcast, it was one of the few games I actually enjoyed back on that thing! The game was one of the first cel shaded games ever to be released and I thought i looked so awesome. Soon Cel Shaded graphics became overused and seemingly did not seem to change and get better for a long time while other graphics continued to improve. Now Cel-Shaded graphics have picked up the pace and seem to be used much more often and much better to accent standard 3D Graphics. Borderlands for example does a great job of this technique.

Jet Set Radio is a fun hybrid of Music Games Like (Bust-A-Groove) and Skating games that were more common in that time such as Tony Hawk or Whatever that Roller-Blading one that was huge and awesome at those times, and you can actually kind of add a game from today (De-Blob) into the mix as the plot is kind of about rebels bringing color and style into an up-tight society.

I never got around to playing future much on the xbox, but that is just another gem I can look forward to catching up with as the world continues to embed the games of old into the consoles of new.

I am not going deep into a review here, or explaining in depth anything really. I just want to say that these games are a great deal of fun, and to me, the fun-factor of a game is THEE most important. I love a good story or good depth in games, but I feel like I can play any game that is fun no matter what, but even the best written, and design games are boring and a chore without fun. So you can expect that any game I post here is fun and a heavy factor in the scores I give them.

Try this game out! You will not regret it!


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