Finally! Pilot Your Own Giant Mech

Finally! Pilot Your Own Giant Mech

It’s every little girl’s dream to own her own giant mech, but since that’s not attainable most of us end up settling on a slightly lesser dream like running a cupcake food truck. But now thanks to Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan (where else?) it’s possible to own your very own mech called Kuratas. Whether or not it could be called giant is up for debate, but it’s easily just as big as a food truck. Each Kuratas includes a fully functional weapon system that will lock onto your enemies that you activate by smiling. Yep, smiling. So the next giggle fit you have could also double as your next killing spree. The only thing that could make it even better is if it fired cupcakes.

$1,353,500 BUY


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