Portal 2 Sentry Turret

I See You…

We have a soft spot for turrets… even though they riddled us with holes on many an occasion. They’re just so cute with their little voices and their red eyes. Cute and deadly. That’s why we have Plush Turrets, Flashlight Turrets, Inflatable Turrets, and now, the Sentry Turret Desk Defender!

Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies (or coworkers) with your very own Turret Desk Defender, powered by USB. When it detects movement, the wings open and it will announce the acquisition of a target, which is enough to send anyone running away from your desk at top speed. And yes, if you knock it over, it’ll vibrate and be sad about its lot in life.

Here’s what your Sentry Turret Desk Defender will say:

Turret detects motion nearby:
“Target acquired”
“There you are”
“I see you”
“Preparing to dispense product”

Turret is moved or knocked over:
“Critical error”
“Shutting down”
“I don’t hate you”
“Hey, hey, hey”

Turret is ignored (times out after 30 seconds of inactivity):
“Are you still there”

$40 – BUY


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