Inner-Net House

No, this is not some sort of typo or country way of saying internet. This is also not referring to the lining of your swim trunks. This post is about an amazing house that is almost a bit like a playplace for adults. Maison NW is where architect Nathalie Wolberg lives and works. It also happens to be where she experiments with new ideas about her environment and how we live. Tailoring the space to allow the body to define it, Maison NW takes on a new approach to ‘rooms’ and ‘furniture’ including, but not limited to, this relaxation area

This giant net hammock serves as a spot for the artists in residence (there are 9) to hang out and relax. In terms of architecture, it serves the purpose of making the body aware of gravity and its own weight. We think it would be fun (and reminds us of friends of ours who built something similar outside between trees) and appreciate a different and unusual perspective on what a living space is made up of.


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