Fashionable Fire

<h3Lighter Cufflinks

If the best things in life come in small packages, you’re going to be hard pressed to find anything that tops these vintage-style lighter cufflinks. Using a design popular decades ago (think Zippo except the wheel spins sideways), these unassuming cufflinks (they’re less than an inch in size) make sure you’re always prepared to start the fire – even if you’re in your Sunday best. They’re functional; they’re cool, and they’ll add a little more Q branch to your Bond attire. Just make sure you take them off before you light the pretty girl’s cigarette.

$90 – BUY


3 comments on “Fashionable Fire

  1. As a firefighter, this is the kind of product we refer to as “job security” 🙂 I’m sure no man would ever get drunk and try to light a pretty girl’s cigarette with his cuff while becoming the Human Torch. I guess that’s one way to make an impression… or at least leave one in the scorched carpet!

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