Nintendo History in Motion

The Wii U just launched in Europe last night. And, just like the console’s U.S. launch, pictures of long lines and complaints about the long day-one update popped up on Twitter and Facebook. But good things appeared, too, like this sharp video by graphic designer Anthony Veloso. The video may be missing a few pieces (ex: GameBoy SP, Virtual Boy) but it is certainly a fun and exciting walk down memory lane.

I really dig how the music and motion graphics in Veloso’s video make the assembly of the NES, Gameboy and other devices feel like a high-energy dance. And something about the parade of logos tickles the ol’ nostalgia instinct, too. Excellent work. All the console renderings are really clear and sharp. This video is like a high energy nerd fuel at some geeky night club 🙂 and that is not a bad thing!

(Thanks, tipster Pierre!)


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