Retro Game Crunch!

Six Games in Six Months

Team up with the creators of The Last Rocket, Bloop, and Super Clew Land to make six games in six months.
What if you could back a game on Kickstarter and play it as soon as the project was funded? And then receive a new game the following month? And the next month? And the next? What if you could participate in the process and shape the direction of each game?

The Goal

Six games in six months. Crazy? Yes. Possible? Totally! Here’s how we’ll do it: Each month backers (of $15 or more) submit and vote on a theme. We build a game based on the winning theme. In three days. Then everyone gets to play the brand new game. Based on player feedback and our original aspirations, we polish and perfect. For thirty days. Then backers download a complete version of the finished game. Rinse and repeat!



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