Don’t Talk To The Police

Seriously, do yourself a favor!

Check out the video below. This is a lecture provided by am Attorney and a Police Officer. This video is lengthy, but very informative, and very helpful! You will discover why you should never talk to a police officer. By law your words can only be used against you, and never for you. You could be honest with a cop and put yourself in deeper trouble than if you had not said a word.

There are strange laws from other countries that could put you in jail that you would have no way of knowing about! So much more that is very useful to know about even if you were the most perfect, law-abiding person in the world. There is even a case where a Public Defender was put in jail because he thought of all people, he would have no issue with talking to a cop.

When a cop pulls you over in a 55mph zone and asks how fast you are going. You may be going 60 and you do not want to be completely dishonest and say you were going 57 or 58 (thats not too fast is it?) Yes it is, even if the cop takes your word for it, you still just admitted to speeding and could be taking to court with a full admission of guilt. You be careful out there!


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