Beautiful Business: Cubicle Designs

Noone really likes sitting at a cubicle no matter what they might be doing, but rather than feel confined by your work space, make it your own! Check out these examples of how people have turned their drab work spaces into welcoming environments that help take the edge off!


Job Dreaming: Find Your Dream Job

Neat little resource site that simplifies the job process. Just select what type of career you are looking for, insert your email address, and they will email you with listings of jobs that fit that criteria. So Simple, So Awesome!

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Beautiful Business – The Offices of Mojang

Creators of Minecraft

Nominated for Sweden’s Most Beautiful Office Award, the offices of Mojang have got the kind of style we rarely see on Office Snapshots.

Decorated as a kind of hybrid speakeasy-office, Minecraft’s home is designed in stark contrast to other Swedish offices we’ve seen. Rather than playing the minimalism game, it seems like the office’s design it meant to be more comfortable – using wood floors, leather seating, plaid carpeting, wood furniture, and non-harsh lighting.

The office’s work areas are located near the windows – which can be seen in the 2nd and 4th images. I’m also a fan of what is probably the nicest restroom we’ve seen here as well.

Thanks to Samuel Ryan for sending the photos!

Design: BSK Architects
Photography: Per Kristiansen, Niklas Storbjörk

Sky Swimming

Swimming High Up in the Sky

This is the swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. The total length is almost 150 metres. Because of the extreme height and the pressure of the water the swimming pool is made out of 200.000 tons of steel. This made the construction of hotel cost more than 100 million dollars. It’s an infinity pool with a great view over town. Nice touch!

Beautiful Business | Awesome Business Cards

Making Business Look Good!

A business card is not just some drab little piece of important personal contact information. You need to take the time to consider what it represents, YOU! A card needs to be as awesome and personal as you are! Even if I do not know someone, or their business, if they hand me an amazing business card, I am going to hang on to it! From the design, to the texture, to the creative way it relates to the job you have/want, all this is going through any person’s mind. This is assuming they even have the slightest level of business or creative interestest/experience. Take a look at some of the cards below that stick to the traditional card style, but inject gallons of creative juices into every bit of them!

Pee-Powered Gaming

UK-based Captive Media has announced the closure of a $700,000 funding round as it looks to take its quirky pee-powered, interactive media technology to the masses.

The Chelmsford-headquartered startup burst into the headlines last year after news leaked of its urinal mounted, urine-controlled games console for men. It was touted as the first hands-free video gaming console of its kind.

Captive Media’s interactive media systems are installed above urinals in public venues such as bars, hotels and airports, providing light relief through games that are controlled by aiming left and right in the toilet bowl.

After appearing on the UK’s Dragons’ Den, it seems they were inundated with offers by investors looking to spend more than a penny.

Flush with cash, the company’s looking to use its $700,000 bounty to accelerate the product’s rollout across major public venues, and bring on board more big-brand advertisers.

The lead investors in a group of six include Cambridge-based technology fund Martlet, and serial tech investor Mike Ullmann, chair of Prodigy Finance.

The majority of its revenue come from sales of the units, but the company’s forecasting its biggest revenue stream will come from brands advertising on the screens.

After launching its ‘streaming’ product in Britain last year, Captive Media has since expanded into nine European countries and will soon be rolling out in major venues across the US, including airports and hotel chains.

“Since receiving a huge amount of media attention, we’ve been overwhelmed with enquiries from all over the world,” said Mark Melford, Captive Media co-founder. “People are responding to the fun, the interactivity and ‘talkability’ of our medium. Through the games and element of competition we’re really putting ‘social’ and outdoor media together for the first time.”

Martlet is the investment arm of the Marshall of Cambridge group, providing small (£10K to £100K) sums for early-stage technology UK startups, and typically will always co-invest with angels and small seed funds, with the capacity to follow on in subsequent investment rounds.

The latest investment round will also see Mike Ullmann and Martlet’s Peter Cowley join its board. “Captive Media has developed a novel and highly engaging consumer technology with applications across a huge potential market,” said Cowley. “Martlet’s involvement will ensure Captive Media accesses the best know how of the Cambridge technology cluster going forward.”

Since its launch last year, Captive Media’s devices have delivered more than a million games. If you’re looking to try it out for yourself, here’s a few places its tech has been deployed so far – The Exhibit Bar, Balham (London); Tabouche, Cambridge; La Sala, Puerto Banus, Spain; Dernier Bar, Paris; Jak’s Bar & Steakhouse, Isle of Man; Jungle Rumble, Bristol and Liverpool; Lainston House, Winchester; and Ogilvy One’s corporate offices in Cabot Square, London.

Captive Media also recently inked a deal with the Generator Hostels chain, with units due to be installed in Copenhagen and Barcelona by the end of the year.