An Adventure Time with Pancakes!

Rogelio, a pancake artist in Mexico City, is a master of his craft. Watch him create edible versions of Jake and Finn from the cartoon Adventure Time. Some art school should get him on its faculty immediately.


Donkey Kong Mash Up 8-Bit Art by Baznet

We are in love with video game artist Baznet who created these marvelous Donkey Kong mashed up with various video games, movies, and other pop culture references. See how many you can identify:

Sifl & Olly

Over ten years after going off the air, MTV’s sock puppet duo Sifl and Olly have made a comeback! The incredibly hilarious duo made me laugh a ton back on MTV and years later when I was able to find the episodes available online and catch up with the show. These new shorts are hilarious, with the most ridiculous content and songs ever. I cannot help but laugh every time I watch sifl & olly!

The cult comedy show has been revived as a webseries called Sifl & Olly Game Reviews that is currently airing on the Machinima YouTube channel. The series features the sock puppets reviewing video games; however, none of the games reviewed actually exist. A promo video for the series hit YouTube September 2nd 2012 announcing that eight episodes of the series will be coming out, with the first episode hitting the web on Sunday Sept 9.

Sifl and Olly began as a series of audio recordings made by childhood friends Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco, which Lynch later turned into a video greeting card for Crocco by acting out the audio with sock puppets. MTV UK commissioned a series of short station IDs with the puppets, eventually leading MTV in the US to pick up the show as a series.

After the series was cancelled, Lynch went on to release the hit single, “United States of Whatever,” which is listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the shortest single to top the UK charts. He also directed Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic and music videos for Foo Fighters and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Crocco played with James Childs’ band Black on Sunshine and is a producer for several reality TV shows.

Mario & Luigi: Ghost Busters!

I was really hoping for a “There is no Princess. There is only Zuul” riff in this mash-up video. But the absence of that doesn’t stop this clip from being a pretty clever blend of Super Mario stuff and Ghostbusters moments. A giant Kirby as the Star Puft Marshmallow Man? Inspired.