Dapper Desktops – With RainMeter

Amazing Rainmeter Desktop

Take a look at the amazing widget/theme based desktop created with Rainmeter and a select amount of external extensions:

The Harvest Wallpaper
The Rainmeter system configuration and monitoring utility for Windows
The Encoded skin for Rainmeter for the time, date, and day of the week displays
The Enigma suite for Rainmeter to create the center-screen taskbar, sunrise/sunset info, and shut down shortcut
The Omnimo suite for Rainmeter to create the multi-shaded background
The All-In-One Player for Rainmeter for the “Now Playing” widget under the center taskbar
The OrganiC2 skin for Rainmeter to create the system monitors at the upper left
The Drop theme for Windows to customize the window displays

Once you download and acquire the various elements, be sure to install them all before getting into customizing as a few of them will load their own theme upon installation which could cause you to have to start fresh if you have been doing any customizing prior to installing everything. This application is very easy to use once you understand it, but you will need to play around with its functions and features for a while before you will understand how everything works.

The whole thing looks really sharp when it’s put together, but it’s also worth noting that you could lift any specific part of this desktop that you like and apply it to yours with minimal effort. The Drop theme for Windows is specifically good looking.

If you’re tweaking with Rainmeter and need a little help, please check out a few of these helpful videos:


Beautiful Business: Cubicle Designs

Noone really likes sitting at a cubicle no matter what they might be doing, but rather than feel confined by your work space, make it your own! Check out these examples of how people have turned their drab work spaces into welcoming environments that help take the edge off!

GameTron 1000

Kickstarter – GameTron 1000 by Mojo Bones

The GameTron 1000 is pretty ambitious stuff…

The team here at Mojo Bones will create a standalone game for iOS, Android and PC that provides a randomly generated experience at the push of a button. Yup, that’s right… platformers, scrolling-runners, balancing games, arena battles, collect-’em-ups, slash-’em-ups, boss fights, time trials: the list goes on!

Each bite-sized game will be generated using a simple reel system and will randomly select everything from characters, enemies and bosses to genres, objectives, collectables and environments.

One minute you could be platforming through the desert fighting off waves of zombie pigeons, next, you’re running away from a giant bug-eyed marshmallow monster with two minutes to toast him!

That’s the beauty of the GameTron. It’s silly, unpredictable – but most of all – fun.


Let Me “Console” You

Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop

Unleash your inner hero with Alienware™ X51. This powerful, versatile desktop delivers an immersive HD gaming experience so you can meet any challenge. This awesome Alienware desktop computer takes on the form of an awesome console with customization options for the LED’s and a great range of customization/price options to get what you want in a tight/stylish package.

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This IS The Vespa You’re Looking For

While we’re over here playing with our R2-D2 watches Geekoligie reader Morgan was busy converting his Vespa into an awesome R2-D2-mobile. He converted the bike himself using adhesive vinyl and presumably lots of patience. But the Vespa itself isn’t the only thing rocking Star Wars style—Morgan also jazzed up the trunk on the back with cool vintage style Star Wars travel stickers. (Who knew you could get to Dagobah on a Vespa?) Morgan says he gets a lot of looks while riding it… and I really hope it’s because he’s also dressed like C3PO at the time.

Tiny Adorable You

Create A Tiny Adorable You with Mixee Me

Between the Sims, Nintendo Mii’s, and Xbox Avatars, you could spend hours perfecting digital versions of you and your friends… but in the end what do you have to show for it? A few measly screenshots? Sure, you might look cool to your online friends, but your IRL friends and coworkers don’t really care. Trust me. By the way, they also don’t care about that funny thing your cat did last night, or about how many cheese balls you can fit in your mouth at once. (36. Just saying.) Anyway, now thanks to Mixee Me and the magic of 3D printers you can create a tangible character that you designed yourself. You can choose from pre-designed eyes, mouths, and t-shirt designs or upload your own for something really unique. Then you can put it on your desk or shelves or some place that people can actually see it in real life.
$25 – BUY