The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Animated CAKE!

Animated Zelda Cake Made By Coolest Parents Ever

Because real love is expressed through cake, some amazing parents decided to make the most amazing Zelda cake ever for their 10-year-old daughter. The cake is based on Skyward Sword and includes two main locations (Skyloft and the Sealed Grounds) from the game as well as moving characters and enemies. The temple alone is made of 9 batches of rice krispies and 9 stacked cakes, and everything is covered in fondant icing. When they made the cake, Skwyward Sword was their daughter’s favorite game, but she’s since started playing Twilight Princess and loves it even more. Which hopefully means we’ll see a cake featuring Midna and wolf Link when she turns 11. After that they should definitely make let her play Ocarina of Time because THAT would also be a pretty amazing cake.


I Have No Idea What’s Happening In This iOS Game, But I Like It

Jool, a new iOS game by a German developer named ROSTLAUB, makes the least sense of any mobile game I’ve played. But it’s somehow still kind of awesome.

Let me do my best to describe this game to you. Jool is an endless runner/platformer in which you play as a two-sided bird that is part good, part evil. Kind of like CatDog except 100% avian.

Assassins Creed Future!

Sort of…

You Can Play Assassin’s Creed Of The Future. With Guns. Sort Of.
A DLC pack for the oft-forgotten Ghost Recon Online will for the next few weeks make the online PC shooter (technically still in beta) substantially more interesting. Provided you like Assassin’s Creed, that is. And the prospect of Assassins using assault rifles.

The pack adds “Abstergo” weapons and a very fetching near-future rendition of the Assassin’s outfit, one that ditches the “Blending into a crowd” thing altogether in favour of being all about the straps and guns. And more straps.

You’ve got to pay for the privilege, of course, that’s how games like this make money, but if you bundle stuff together you’ll pay slightly less.

Video Games Keepin It Real

Video Games Keepin It Real

Who doesn’t love gaming? Almost everyone here was raised playing old school games in their Atari, Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo and I must say that it’s super awesome to see those games back in other ways.

One of these ways is through design! English designer, Aled Lewis, one of the most beloved artists out there took his shot on the concept of mixing games with photography, and I must say that result is awesome! His take is somewhat minimalistic, but very awesome nevertheless. For more of Aled’s work, please visit his portfolio at Behance. He’ll definitely enjoy it. Cheers! 😉

Mario & Luigi: Ghost Busters!

I was really hoping for a “There is no Princess. There is only Zuul” riff in this mash-up video. But the absence of that doesn’t stop this clip from being a pretty clever blend of Super Mario stuff and Ghostbusters moments. A giant Kirby as the Star Puft Marshmallow Man? Inspired.