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Song of the Day: Come Alive – We Don’t Even Like You

I have been meaning to post this for a long time. The amazing music video by “Come Alive” formerly known as “Lightfighter”. These guys made a huge transition from a much heavier sound, but heavy or not, they are amazing! Check out their new video for “We Don’t Even Like You”. This song is incredible and very catchy!

And be sure to take the time to check out the bands releases under their original “Lightfighter” name:

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Real-Time Audience Participation

By Interactive Environments

Trashtalk theater, a performative system by digital artist Jason Ponce, allows moviegoers and presentation patrons to text multiple comments in realtime which are overlayed onto the visuals, often to hilarious effect. A voting option in the software also allows the audience to control the presentation and ‘rewind’ to favorite spots.


I have to be candid and tell you that I’m not a hard-core gamer. I have to also tell you that if I do game it’s on a console, not a PC or a handheld. But with that in mind, you might be surprised to hear that I found Razer’s Edge gaming tablet a very compelling experience, even thought the battery life is good for a mere 2 or so hours before requiring a recharge.

The Razer Edge is a full-blown Windows 8 tablet. Unlike other tablets, the Edge is a relatively chunky piece of kit that weighs well north of 1lb (I’m waiting on the official weight to be sent over) and is easily twice the thickness of Apple’s iPad. So that said, the Edge is about power, versatility, and most importantly gaming. There are a host of accessories that can be purchased separately or in a bundle, but the one you’ll want to know about is the Mobile Console (or Joysticks), which is drawn from the Fiona concept that we saw last year.

In addition to two analog sticks that offer an exceptional amount of sensitivity (better than a PS3 controller), there is a backlit d-pad, triggers and two shoulder buttons on each joystick. I was told by the rep that there is an extended battery pack, but I’m not sure if that will be built-in to this particular accessory, though you can purchase 40Wh individual ones at $69. It’s arguable just how portable the Mobile Console accessory is since it doesn’t fold up or offer individually detachable controllers, but there is no disputing the amount of usability it adds to the Razer Edge. If one so wanted to, they could plug one of Razer’s game controllers into the tablet, but since this Mobile Console accessory allows you to hold the tablet with relative easy, it’s far more ideal for playing games on a plane, train, or a bus.

If the console like controller isn’t your thing, or your simply looking for more versatility, there is a Keyboard that has been optimized for PC games and needless to say can be used for wordprocessing. I didn’t make time to use it, but by all accounts it looks like a viable option for those seeking to ditch their laptop. An optional dock is also available for charging the Razer Edge, which also includes 3x USB ports, as well as an HDMI and stereo output for connecting it to your big screen TV.

Configuration will start at $999 and top out at $1,299, though for a few hundred more one can score the bundle, which packs in the i7 tablet and a the controller module (bought separately the total price would be $50 more). Other features include a 10.1-inch 1,366 x 768 display, NVIDIA GT640M LE GPU, 64GB to 256GB SSD storage, and 4 to 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

For more, check out 6 Things That Brought the Fiona to the Edge

In use, the Razer Edge remarkably straight forward, even for a non-hardcore gamer like me. The controllers, as well as sensitivity, we’re analogous if not better than any console on the market today. The weight of the Razer Edge is both comforting (it feels sturdy) and some what disconcerting (holding it up right for more than a minutes might result arm fatigue). That said, it’s viable to rest the edge of the tablet on your lap and continue to play games. Nevertheless, those are acceptable caveats, especially seeing as it can be jacked directly into a large screen display and controlled via a wired joystick. So imagine yourself traveling, playing a few hours of gaming on the road, checking into your hotel, and continuing that very same mission on your room’s large screen LCD TV. Again, I’m not a hardcore gamer, but the Razer Edge, while much larger than any portable gaming console, is exceptionally awesome given its power and diminutive size.

Gaming: Watch Dogs

Please take a moment to allow this game to blow your mind!
With everything in the world controlled by computers, what would you do if you could hack the planet? Watch this trailer and find out more about this intriguing new title!

Reality Check! People Look Stupid!

And Your Probably No Different! Sorry…
We never look up, people are too busy with their phones updating their social profiles, and being more concerned with their internet presence than their physical presence and it is disgusting! I have always hated facebook and almost every form of massive online social media. I enjoyed it when I was young, but I have never been a big online social person since I got my drivers license, and that used to be true of everyone…but what happened!? Take a look at these pictures, and if they remind you of yourself, you should probably focus more on the world in front of you, because those you are with should be much more important to you than those who are online.