Super Metroid – Depths of Tourian

Watch this photoshop Jedi turn a 16-bit image into a hi-res Masterpiece


EarthBound Fortress 2: Chapter 1

After way too much time, it’s finally here. Nothing too exciting; this is mostly meant as a (shabby) introduction for the people who never played the game! Most of the animation in this is dreadfully old (starting in December 2010…); you might even spot noticeable gaps in quality from shot to shot. Sorry about that…

I decided to release what would technically be the “first half” of Chapter 1 on June 27th, the same day Source Filmmaker got an official release statement. And to be honest, I don’t think I could manage to make the second half of this without SFM (it is pretty ambitious after all).

Q: 1968? What? Isn’t EarthBound in 199X?

A: EarthBound primarily draws from “america, as seen by the japanese”, and a myriad of pop culture references that, while occidental, are definitely NOT from the 90s. TF2 takes place in June 1968 and all the aesthetics of the universe´╗┐ reflect that (except Coldfront?). And finally, if´╗┐ EarthBound had been made in the US, it would have probably taken place in the “wonder years” era of the fifties and sixties. Its themes place it more firmly there than in the nineties.

Games in the Real World

Classic Games in Real Life

If you ever have played games like Super Mario, Street Fighter and Donkey Kong on the SNES than this video might be quite nostalgic. Visit and/or subscribe yourself on the channel of ThePixelKingdom, more funny gaming related videos are on it.