How To Create A Recovery Flash Drive For Windows 8

Whenever Windows 7 had problems, you could just insert your Windows 7 installation CD and run its recovery tools. Most Windows 8 users, however, don’t have an installation CD. Here’s how to make a recovery flash drive, and, if you bought a Windows 8 PC, delete the space-hogging recovery partition that came with it.
If you have a regular hard drive, the recovery partition probably isn’t a big deal, but if you have a smaller SSD, for example, the recovery partition can waste a lot of space—sometimes up to 15GB or higher. If you built your own computer, you won’t have a recovery partition, but having a recovery flash drive can still be very handy to have around. Luckily, it’s easy to make:

1.) Grab a flash drive that’s at least 256MB, or at least as large as your recovery partition if you have one. Plug it in and make sure it’s empty, since you’ll need all that space for your recovery files.

2.) Head to the Start screen and type create a recovery drive. Click the “Settings” option in the right sidebar, then choose the recovery drive option in the search results.

3.) Go through the recovery drive wizard. If your computer came with Windows 8 preinstalled from the manufacturer, you’ll have an option to “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive.” This will include the data on your manufacturer’s recovery partition.

4.) Choose your flash drive from the list and click Create. If you’re prompted to delete your recovery partition (if you have one), delete it. You can free up a lot of space if you do.

Now, if you ever have problems with your computer, just plug the flash drive in and boot from it. You’ll be able to run Windows’ recovery tools, as well as your manufacturers’ when applicable. Plus you’ll have freed up quite a bit of space!


Dapper Desktops – With RainMeter

Amazing Rainmeter Desktop

Take a look at the amazing widget/theme based desktop created with Rainmeter and a select amount of external extensions:

The Harvest Wallpaper
The Rainmeter system configuration and monitoring utility for Windows
The Encoded skin for Rainmeter for the time, date, and day of the week displays
The Enigma suite for Rainmeter to create the center-screen taskbar, sunrise/sunset info, and shut down shortcut
The Omnimo suite for Rainmeter to create the multi-shaded background
The All-In-One Player for Rainmeter for the “Now Playing” widget under the center taskbar
The OrganiC2 skin for Rainmeter to create the system monitors at the upper left
The Drop theme for Windows to customize the window displays

Once you download and acquire the various elements, be sure to install them all before getting into customizing as a few of them will load their own theme upon installation which could cause you to have to start fresh if you have been doing any customizing prior to installing everything. This application is very easy to use once you understand it, but you will need to play around with its functions and features for a while before you will understand how everything works.

The whole thing looks really sharp when it’s put together, but it’s also worth noting that you could lift any specific part of this desktop that you like and apply it to yours with minimal effort. The Drop theme for Windows is specifically good looking.

If you’re tweaking with Rainmeter and need a little help, please check out a few of these helpful videos:

Year Walk

A Game So Weird, It Needs to Come With Its Own Encyclopedia

The developers at Simogo have made some of my favorite mobile games, the musical platformer Bumpy Road and rhythm stealth hybrid Beat Sneak Bandit. Those games were cute and easy to grasp. But their latest one Year Walk looks like a weird, first-person exploration head-trip. Thankfully they appear to know this and are offering up a compendium of all the bizarre creatures and symbols you’ll be encountering in the game. Year Walk looks like it’s going to be moody exploration into the nature of superstition. It comes out on February 21st.

Wall of Paper

Time for an awesome wallpaper collection!

This is a collection of the most awesome wallpaper I have found and collected over the past couple months. Just click on any of them to grab them at full size. ENJOY!

Deal of the Day – Samsung Laptop

Samsung 700Z5B-W01UB -$800

Operating System
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64b)

CPU/ Processor
Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 2675QM

15.6″ Screen Size

6GB Standard System Memory

750GB Hard Drive Capacity

AMD Radeon 6490M

14.26″ (W) x 0.94″ (D) x 9.39″ (H)

-$800 – BUY

Bitcasa – Infinite Storage



Transform any folder into a limitless storage portal that doesn’t take up any space. Don’t lug your external drive around or keep it plugged in.


Everything you own is available on any device and on the web. All your data always at your fingertips, without limits.


You no longer need to carefully manage your sync folders due to limited cloud capacity.


No more picking and choosing. Privately send your whole photo album or video collection to anyone.


Files instantly appear on your desktop and mobile devices!


Everything is encrypted and backed up for your protection.


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