Call of Duty Black Ops – Tomahawk Toss is his Death Blow


Gaming: Watch Dogs

Please take a moment to allow this game to blow your mind!
With everything in the world controlled by computers, what would you do if you could hack the planet? Watch this trailer and find out more about this intriguing new title!

Shake That Ass, Marcus Fenix

This video is actually from all the way back in 2008, but was only just posted on the website of Epic Games. It was made by Tal Peleg, a fan whose skills with animation eventually landed him work in the games business, first on Dead Space 2 and now with Uncharted developers Naughty Dog.

Harmonix Fan-Made Credits

I’ve never “finished” a Dance Central game because, every time I start playing, the booze eventually runs out, and/or people eventually go home. I could play it sober, by myself, but, um, no.

That might have to change soon, though, because Dance Central 3’s closing credits are wonderful. Not only are they a great pixel representation of the series’ characters, but the animation wasn’t done by the developers. It was done by fan David Nguyen, a “Dance Central cosplayer and community member”.

David goes into detail about Harmonix’s cute gesture, as well as how he made the video, in this guest post over on Destructoid.